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Holganix Wins “People’s Choice Award” at Radicle Challenge by Corteva

We’re super excited about our friends at Holganix and winning the “People’s Choice Award” as a finalist of the Radicle Challenge by Corteva (Formerly Dupont Ag). ScanIt Technologies, an in-field platform for indoor and outdoor growers to detect plant pathogens when they are airborne and before they infect plants won access to the $250,000 investment from Radicle. If you are wondering, Radicle Growth is an acceleration fund that teamed up with Corteva on this Challenge to identify promising agtech startup’s that are solving agricultural challenges with novel technology solutions.“ At Corteva, we are committed to helping farmers drive their performance, profitability and environmental sustainability,” said Neal Gutterson, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Corteva. “Supporting and nurturing new ideas and approaches – and the entrepreneurs behind them – is an important part of how we innovate to enrich the lives of farmers. Radicle’s mentorship of early-stage companies is enormously valuable in this regard. “We saw the largest number of applicants ever to a Radicle Challenge with 62% coming from outside the U.S. This is a great example of how there is no ‘Silicon Valley’ for AgTech and you have to scour the globe to find the best technologies and entrepreneurs,” said Kirk Haney, CEO and Managing Partner of Radicle Growth. Barrett Ersek, CEO and Founder of Holganix said, “We are honored to have been named a finalist and especially honored to be named the People’s Choice Award. A special thank you goes to the audience and the Holganix community who voted for Holganix. Your vote made a difference!” Congrats again to our friends and partners at Holganix!