Van Trump Farms Partners with Meristem

Now, more than ever, it is critical that farmers control cost while at the same time improving plant and soil health.

Meristem Crop Performance was founded by a team of talented agriculturalists with extraordinary backgrounds in agronomy, marketing and global agribusiness. The Meristem team’s network of relationships around the world allows them to offer high quality products at prices that make sense.

Our purpose is to help farm businesses diversify income and aggressively drive out input costs. We accomplish this through activating a highly efficient network of direct-to-farm dealers that can both provide local service and drive disruption.

Backed by Old World Industries, a global powerhouse for the automotive, chemical, and agricultural industries managing over a dozen leading consumer and commercial brands across 60 countries, Meristem has the resources, speed and insight to deliver exceptional and profitable solutions to farmers.

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