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VanTrump Ag Solutions

Case Study : AgSwag – Gain Market Share and Create Brand Ambassadors

The Challenge

Gain market share and loyal customers in one of the most competitive swag spaces across all industries starting with zero clients.

Our Approach

We didn’t want to be the lowest-cost supplier. We wanted AgSwag to build their brand on great customer service, high quality, and a premium selection. Our target audience was “best-of-practice” and like-minded businesses to bring a better “return-on-investment” by designing and helping to implement a well thought out corporate swag strategy and campaign. There are hundreds of online companies that offer quick ways to throw a corporate logo on a cheap hat or t-shirt. AgSwag offers the best in selection, design, implementation, and service! 

The Results


Annual Sales Expectations Exceeded

Gained Clients Ordering Over $500K Swag Annually

Expanded AgSwag's Brand Recognition

Increased Customer Retention Rates

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