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VanTrump Ag Solutions

Van Trump Farms "Premium Acres Program"

I’ve been working hard and leveraging my contacts to gain our farm’s direct access to new and premium crops. In my search to better understand how to grow premium crops directly for companies like Chipotle, Beyond Meat, Impossible, etc… I’m finding and creating many new relationships in the space.
It’s still very early and there’s a ton of dislocation but I see great opportunity. The dislocation simply means there are many different obstacles and variables in play for growing some of these premium crop varieties, i.e., location and proximity to a specific crush facility and or delivery points, soil type, growing degree days, annual rainfall, irrigation, etc… But if your farm is located in the right location and some of the other stars happen to line-up there are some big premiums being paid! 
Our team at “Van Trump Farms” is now in the position to help farmers connect with end-users who are willing to pay a premium to have specific crops and varieties grown.

What Crops? 

I have contracts in place now for a few different crops right now that are paying +$2.50 to +$3.50 per bushel premiums and will be adding more to our portfolio each month as they work through our vetting process and meet certain criteria.

Why You Should Join Our Exclusive Group! 

My goal is to build a database of like-minded growers who don’t mind throwing a few acres at premium type crops. If it works and isn’t overly complicated or a huge pain perhaps, we can become primary growers for something that ends up being much larger down the road. I think setting aside some acres to try NEW things makes sense in today’s world of agriculture. I’m respectful to everyone’s current relationships and choices for acres that are currently being planted, but at the same time, I believe we all need to have a small portion of our farm dedicated to a vetting process where we can try new technologies, crops, inputs, and techniques. If you and your family are of a similar mindset, then you need to join our group!


What’s the Cost to Join? 

There’s no cost whatsoever to be a part of the group. When we get something NEW I will simply pass it on to those who signed up to be part of the Van Trump Farms group. Those who think it might work on some acres or want to learn more or give it a try can let us know and we will pass along all of the details!


What’s In It for KVT? 

I’m blessed to have access to many of these CEO’s and executives at these NEW companies. After talking with many of them… I have found out they have trouble getting through the “Farm Gate”. In other words, they struggle to gain the grower’s trust with their salespeople and can’t get the number of acres to grow what they need grown. I’m also finding out the “premium” often gets diluted by the time it finally gets to the grower. My grandpa would always say just too many hands in the cookie jar before it finally trickles down to us at the farm. I concluded that I could build a “virtual group” consisting of these NEW end-users who need a certain crop grown and are willing to pay a premium with growers that I might know who are willing to try something new on a few acres. I’m not charging the growers anything at all to be a part of the group, but I am negotiating an “acreage fee” with each end-user. In other words, I’m showing them how I can get them the acres in a much cheaper manner than their current sales process and at the same time passing on the entire grower’s premium to the farm family. This seems to be a win-win for everyone involved as the NEW end-user doesn’t have to pay as much to get on the acres so there is more premium that can pass through to the grower.


What’s the Next Step for Growers? 

If you are a grower simply join the Van Trump Farms group. I know how you feel… I hate giving out any of my info online too. If it matters, I promise the data will stay secure and not be given or passed on to any sales team outside our family office. But we need a name, e-mail, phone number, and the general vicinity of the acres that you might consider, so we can pass along the premium crop deals when they come our direction. As I said, many of these premium deals are only viable for certain and select locations, we just never know where and how many acres might be needed, each crop and each deal seems somewhat different.


What’s the Next Step for End-Users? 

If you are needing acres grown for a new crop or a specific protein variable and would like to offer it up to our Van Trump Farms “Virtual Grower Group” please call our offices at (816) 322-5300. We work hard to protect our virtual group and have a vetting process we would like to begin and work through. Once those hurdles are cleared we can present the offer to our growers who have shown interest and meet the location and field requirements.       


Think of This as a Dating App! 

I’m not playing any role as “middle man,” I’m wanting this to be more like a Dating App, where I simply make the introduction between the two parties who are looking for something similar. From there, the growers and end-users will build and develop their own working relationships. I’m hoping this Direct Acess to companies that are developing NEW crops that are paying big premiums and connecting them with growers who are open to entertaining new ideas is a win for everyone.