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VanTrump Ag Solutions

Case Study : FARMCON  – Rebrand an Extremely Successful Ag Conference

The Challenge

Create an ag conference for creative minds in agriculture with one main goal of helping to revive rural America.

Our Approach

Create an ag conference for owners, founders, partners, and entrepreneurs that are willing and open-minded enough to look at new ideas and new practices. We didn’t want to create an event for everyone, though. After creating this event, we didn’t target attendees who want to be told what to do or those not open to change. We targeted an audience who can’t find people in their offices or back home that will challenge their perspectives or current beliefs. We went straight after a specific target market including the leaders, the movers, the shakers, the difference makers… Those who have always dared to see things differently. The ones who follow a vision.

The Results


Attendees Return Year-Over-Year!

Recognized as One of the Best Ag Conferences in the Industry!

60% of Attendees are Producers!

Attendees Include Some of Industries Top CEOs and Traders!

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