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VanTrump Ag Solutions

Case Study : Meristem –  Grow a Loyal Customer Base and Create Brand Ambassadors

The Challenge

Communicate the value proposition of Meristem products, which are their low prices, for producers to increase profit.

Our Approach

Technological advancements are coming in huge waves and creating massive changes in agriculture. American farm families are being increasingly disrupted every day. This is the first time in history the world has looked to the U.S. to cut acres. Producers have two options… they can either become the low-cost provider or pivot their operation into growing specialty crops. We believe using Meristem products is a great first step on a producer’s journey to becoming a low-cost producer. 

The Results


55% Year-Over-Year Sales Increase!

Increased Overall Company Sales & Revenue

Increased Brand Recognition

Minimized Cost of Customer Acquisition, While Increasing Amount of Leads

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