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VanTrump Ag Solutions

Van Trump Farms Introduces Premium Acres Program

I’ve been working hard and leveraging my contacts to gain our farm’s direct access to new and premium crops. In my search to better understand how to grow premium crops directly for companies like Chipotle, Beyond Meat, Impossible, etc… I’m finding and creating many new relationships in the space.
It’s still very early and there’s a ton of dislocation but I see great opportunity. The dislocation simply means there are many different obstacles and variables in play for growing some of these premium crop varieties, i.e., location and proximity to a specific crush facility and or delivery points, soil type, growing degree days, annual rainfall, irrigation, etc… But if your farm is located in the right location and some of the other stars happen to line-up there are some big premiums being paid! 
Our team at “Van Trump Farms” is now in the position to help farmers connect with end-users who are willing to pay a premium to have specific crops and varieties grown.


-Kevin Van Trump

Click HERE to learn more about our Program.