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Van Trump Farms Partners with Autonomous Pivot

Van Trump Farms”… Partnering with Autonomous Pivot! 

I’m happy to announce that “Autonomous Pivot” is the newest Van Trump Farms partner! We are now fielding calls and answering questions from those who are wanting to upgrade their irrigation and take the steps to advance their technology to the next level. If you would like to learn more about “Autonomous Pivot” and have someone from our team share what we have learned and some of our producer’s personal experiences Click HERE and we will send more information your way or you can simply call the office at 816-322-5300 and chat with someone from our team. We are going up this weekend to visit and have a  conversation with Central Nebraska farmer Brandon Hunnicutt who has been trialing the Autonomous Pivot heads for a couple of seasons. Brandon is currently the Vice-Chair on the Nebraska Corn Board as well as on the Board of Directors for the NCGA, so he should provide us with a truly trusted source of feedback and insight. To this point, the retention rate for the number of growers we have on trial and who are wanting to continue using or are wanting to order more heads is 100%, so we are super excited about the prospects moving forward.


Your friend in the battle,

The Van Trump Family